About Organ Offer Management

Helping One Center at Time Save Lives

Transportation Coordinators of America is the leading provider of professional Organ Offer Management®. We are the largest provider of expert outsourced transplant facility organ call services.

What is Organ offer management? It is the combination of 24/7 DonorNet call coverage by qualified transplant industry trained experts that pre-screen organ offers, coupled with detailed organ (and procurement team) transport coordination. Our clinically trained and qualified transplant coordinators are the best solution to relieving your center of wasted time and resources.

Let us improve the efficiency and productivity of your transplant center by screening your organ offers and help your surgeons evaluate the viability of each potential transplant. Keeping your staff’s morale high is paramount to an optimum performing center, and the key to happy staff is sleep and personal time. Research has shown that medical facilities perform at their best when they have a pleasing balance of personal time coupled with adequate sleep.

We are the creators and innovators of our profession and it is our 5+ years of providing this service to 7 different clients that makes us the clear choice when looking to improve your transplant program’s bottom line and outcomes. We are prepared and pleased to take on the responsibility to see to it we help you save as many lives as we can. We can also assist with anything from tissue transport to team fly-outs. Thanks to our relationship with these transportation providers, our clients benefit from the most efficient and cost-effective air and ground transportation services when we are coordinating your transport detail.

Every transplant center faces its own challenges in matching donors and recipients and facilitating transplants. Transplant Coordinators of America understands this unique process and our experienced staff offers full-service support.

TCOA’s proven process of (call coverage + transportation) have provided an increase in the number of transplants for our partner/clients. Increased efficiency allows programs to consider offers that may have been ruled out prior to coming on board with TCOA. Thus resulting in a more profitable hospital.

Contact us to set up a conference call or meeting to discuss our affordable system.

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