Organ Offer Screening Services Via Donornet

Regardless of the type of kidney transplant may be undergone — living or cadaveric — special blood tests are necessary to determine the kind of blood and tissue the patient’s have.

The goals of pre-transplant screening are to identify conditions which may disqualify either donor or recipient; identify and treat possible active infection pre-transplant; recognize and (if possible) define the risk of infection and develop strategies for preventing and mitigating post-transplant infection; and implement preventative measures, including immunizations. Knowing how to qualify a pre-op organ for each center and/or surgeon is what we at TCOA has spent years perfecting, and offering to transplant hospitals across the United States for almost 10 years. These test results help to match a donor kidney to recipient body.  As the “inventors” if you will- of this service pre-screening solid organs we discovered was becoming a difficult, and time-consuming process for centers throughout the country when Donornet was implemented as the protocol for the industry. 

While there is general agreement on the major infections for which routine screening is performed, centers vary in the extent of infectious diseases investigation and the actions taken as a result. Each surgeon’s likes and dislikes in potential transplant-able organs differs greatly, thus customization of our services to accommodate each center’s “personality” is key to a seamless and effective working relationship. Pre-transplant screening of potential organ donors and recipients is essential to the success of solid organ transplantation . Potential recipients should be evaluated for infection risk by obtaining a thorough medical history, including details of prior infections, places of travel and residence, and exposures to animal and environmental pathogens. Part of our extensive regime of service to our client-partners is to do this leg work for the coordinators and/or surgeons often times before even receiving a phone call their is an organ available, to ensure no time is wasted with an organ(s) that the center would have no interest in attempting a transplant.

It goes without saying that the process of eliminating or accepting a potentially transplantable organ is a complicated and time consuming endeavor that should only be handled by persons with years of experience doing so. Transplant Coordinators of America is the leading provider and creator of ORGAN OFFER MANAGEMENT services in the entire U.S. We have developed a proprietary system to assist transplant centers in staying efficient, productive, and cost effective while reducing the number of FTEs and coordinator burnout.

About Outsourced Organ Transplant Services

We are the nations leader in Organ Offer Management. We provide expert service in pre-screening organ offers via Donortnet. We provide transplant hospitals throughout the United States with dedicated and trained experts to cover organ offer call to screen organs, and coordinate transportation of organ and surgical teams.
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