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In an effort to eliminate safety gaps and risks in the complicated process of ABO verification OPTN implemented changes to the ABO policy on June 23rd, 2016.

*Recently at the 2017 UNOS transplant forum in Orlando our esteemed and long time clients at UT Southwestern Transplant won an award for their abstract flowchart on new ABO verification guidelines. We are so proud of not only them, but also our staff that was an integral part in contributing to the work and research that went into the award winning abstract. 

The Goals of the proposed OPTN guideline changes:

1. Promote transplant patient safety (through strengthening ABO policies to ensure that transplants are ABO compatible or intended incompatible)

2. Promote living donor safety (through strengthening ABO policies to ensure that transplants are ABO compatible or intended incompatible

3. Promote efficient management of the OPTN (through clearly written policy, education and proficiency tools, improved electronic and automated tools to manage ABO reporting and verification processes, and reducing duplicative efforts through further alignment with CMS requirements)

You’ll notice in the image below of the abstract not only a wonderfully done, and well thought out detailed breakdown flowchart of the new steps required, but also highlighted in yellow was TCOA’s part in their efforts creating it.

A substantial process change for transplant hospitals is the requirement to implement an organ check-in protocol. Additionally, OPOs must test two samples to determine a donor’s blood type before they can execute a match run, when previously they had to conduct the testing before making an incision in the OR. UNetSM users will also notice changes throughout the following applications: Waitlist, DonorNet, DonorNet Mobile, Tiedi, Security Administration and KPD.

OPTN ABO Verification Abstract

Authors: Carolyn Swann, MBA, RN


The conclusion by the UT Southwestern transplant center and their team of researchers was that by using the ABO flowchart, staff comprehension of process changes, and the impact of their role on patient safety, has improved significantly.

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